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Explorers of the Lucid Dream World

Documentary DVD Available

This documentary is an independent production funded primarily by donations. You can watch the 12 minute documentary for free. The DVD is available with special features for $10 plus shipping and handling by paypal or credit card donation. Your donation will contribute to the overall budget of the production, and help fund future lucid dream related projects.

Donate $10 (Plus Shipping) to get the DVD,

The DVD has a total of 1 hour and 42 minutes of content. I have spent 15 months interviewing world renown lucid dream researchers, and studying lucid dreaming in-depth. I have edited this DVD to be visually interesting, and intellectually stimulating.

DVD includes the following:

Main Feature:

  • Explorers of the Lucid Dream World
    (12 minute lucid dreaming documentary)

Special Features:

  1. Flash promotional animation
  2. How to do a Reality Test
  3. The Making Of the Documentary
  4. Allie Dark a short film by Lisa Klein which the Documentary used footage from.
  5. Extended Interviews about Lucid Dreaming:
    • Dr. Stephen LaBerge:
      about Oneironauts and
      the scientific point of view of dreaming
    • Dr. Alan Wallace:
      about Tibetan Dream Yoga
    • Dr. Fariba Bogzaran
      about Hypnagogia
    • Dominick Attisani
      About Sleep Cycles and
      Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming
    • Keelin
      Lucid dreaming, nightmares, and healing.
  6. Other BulbMedia Projects:
    • Tattoos: More than Skin Deep (documentary)
    • Ultra Ping Pong 3000 (special effects)
    • Making of Ultra Ping Pong 3000
    • Robot-O and Julliette 5472z (3D animation)
    • Making of Robot-O and Julliette5472z
    • Mask of Benevolence: Flash presentation of the history of American Sign Language.
  7. Oneironauts: The Lucid Dream Explorers 9 minute version of the documentary.


Donate $10 to get the DVD


Explorers Documentary DVD

DVD Available


Lucid Dream Explorers Documentary Trailer

Watch the Official Trailer


Explorers Trailer



If you want to donate more than $12, You can use the Paypal link below.


Those who donate any amount using paypal will recieve a link to an archive of lucid dreaming mp3s and media. This archive includes audio from Celia Green, and other dream lucid media.



Special Thanks
to everyone who has donated to the documentary!

Interviewees Include:

Dr. Stephen LaBerge:

Dr. Beverly D'Urso:

Dr. Fariba Bogzaran:

Dr. Alan Wallace:


Lucid Art Foundation:

Ann Erpino

Laura N. Atkinson


List of contributors
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